Digit Sucking Remediation Program

Great news!  I  recently completed  an additional  specialized  training course  in thumbsucking remediation. This course, given by Shari Green, C.O.M, aka, “The Thumblady” of Chicago, an international expert in the field of oral habit elimination, highlights specific proven techniques that assist children in families in conquering their oral habits in a successful and positive manner.

I am pleased to be able to offer your patients this highly successful positive behavioral program for elimination of digit sucking habits, and welcome the opportunity to share my expertise in this area with those patients in your practice that struggle with these issues.

The program is administered within a comprehensive framework over the course of 60 days.  Children are offered numerous tools and strategies and are immersed in positive behavioral techniques to assist in their success. Parents participate in the planning, and my role is one of a 3rd party. I help support the family and provide daily monitoring  of  accomplishments and positive reinforcement to help guide the child and the family to long term success. Patients complete the program with strong feelings of accomplishment for remediating a habit that has been difficult for them to correct on their own.

If you have patients  who  may benefit from this program, or if you have questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.